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academic|学术  “Utopian Impulses in China’s Sound Culture: The Raying Temple Subculture Collective,” The Journal of Popular Music Studies, 2015. (forthcoming)

academic|学术 “Mapping an Existential Territory: An Autoethnography of a Sound Researcher,” International Review of Qualitative Research, 2015. (forthcoming)

academic|学术  “To Make Sounds Inside of A ‘Big Can’: Proposing a Proper Space for Works of Sound Art” LEONARDO, 2014

academic|学术   “Affective Listening: China’s Experimental Music and Sound Art Practice” The Journal of Sonic Studies 2. 2012  

academic|学术  Wang, Jing “The Coffee/Café-Scape in Chinese Urban Cities” M/C Journal: A Journal of Media and Culture 15. 2012 

academic|学术  从起点离开徘徊-中国声音工作者及其它, 《音乐研究》, 2011年7月第四期。

translation|翻译   如何把音乐变成无器官的身体?吉尔• 德勒兹和实验电子音乐 (How Do You Make Music a Body without Organs? Gilles Deleuze and Experimental Electronica by Christoph Cox), 收于《生产第8辑》汪民安、郭晓彦编辑,江苏人民出版社, 2013

translation|翻译  声音艺术:起源,发展和模糊性”Licht, Alan “Sound art: Origin, Development and Ambiguity”in Organized Sound”, Cambridge University Press, 2009,14(1):3-10发表于《大学与美术馆》同济大学出版 第四期 2013。

Exhibition Review|展评 《云深处》:一场尘土飞扬的声音事件, 2013年7月

interview|访谈   Interview with Yan Jun_Ear Room Guest Edition,或者(翻墙)Ear Room Guest Edition #2  2012年1月9日