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Sonorous Presence 是一个学术理论与艺术实践并重的专业声音网站,关注声音的文化,艺术,科学, 哲学的理论与应用,纪录和传播当下声音艺术,实验音乐,声音科学的前沿学术研究和实践,展示优秀声音实践者的作品,表演和想法,为学者,艺术家,爱好者提供一个交流分享平台。网站由王婧(Adel Wang Jing) 发起建立,邀请马进(Marvin Ma Jin)作为网站技术支持加入合作,共创一个微小而专业的跨学科有机体。

王婧,现居杭州,声音理论研究者,声音、音乐活动策划人,美国俄亥俄大学跨学科艺术博士(人类学,表演学),美国俄亥俄大学传播学硕士,现任教浙江大学传媒与国际文化学院。杭州民间非盈利艺术组织BUS创始人之一。个人学术网站http://mypage.zju.edu.cn/wangjing. 个人邮箱: [email protected]

马进,现居杭州,本科毕业于浙江大学物理系(2010-2014),研究生就读于南京大学物理系声学专业(2014-2017),专业方向包括建筑声学,噪声控制。个人邮箱:[email protected]

如对网站有建议或意见,请联系我们的公共邮箱[email protected]


Sonorous Presence is a professional website on theories and practice of sound studies. It focuses on sound related academic fields including anthropology, sociology, cultural studies, architecture, physics, and ecology. it documents historical and current sound art practices and sciences, exhibits individual artists and musicians’ work, performance and thoughts.  Our goal is to build a platform for scholars, artists, musicians, scientists and fans to meet, share and talk.

Sonorous Presence, the webiste project is initiated by Adel Wang Jing, inviting Marvin Ma, as the website designer to join hands to create a micro and professional interdisciplinary organism.

Adel Wang Jing, a scholar of sound studies, organizer of sound and music events.  Adel has a Ph.D in performance studies from Interdisciplinary Arts at Ohio University (U.S.), a MA in communication studies from Scripps College of Communication at Ohio University.  Adel currently teaches in College of Media and International Culture at Zhejiang University (China).  She is also a founding member of the non-profit art organization in Hangzhou BUS. Personal academic website http://mypage.zju.edu.cn/wangjing. personal email: [email protected]

Marvin Ma Jin, graduates from School of Physics at Zhejiang University (2010-2014), will pursue his master degree in acoustics in the Physics Department at Nanjing University (2014-2017), focusing on architectural acoustics and noise control. personal email: [email protected]

If you have questions, concerns or advice for our website, please contact our public email [email protected]